Protecting the Nile

Protecting the Nile

Protecting the Nile 

Palms and the river Nile by night

Palms and the river Nile by night

EU Competition-The Eternal River-  Photo by Mohamed Abdel Rahman

Charm of Aswan

Charm of Aswan

EU Competition-Charm of Aswan-           Photo by Mohamed Abdel…

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Vision & Mission

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Purpose of the National Water Resources Plan (NWRP)

To support the socio-economic development of Egypt on the basis of sustainable resource use, while protecting and restoring the natural environment.


Objectives of the National Water Resources Plan (NWRP)

The main aim of the NWRP  is to provide direction and guidelines to all ministries, agencies and institutes working in Egypt’s water sector in order to achieve the objectives related to water:

1.The supply of drinking water for domestic uses and the provision of sanitation services, according to the standards and targets of Ministry of Health and Population, National Organisation for Potable Water and Sewage Disposal, Holding Company for Water and Waste Water and Ministry of Local Development, on a cost-recovery basis but taking into account the right on basic requirements of all people.

2.The supply of water for industrial purposes and the provision of sewerage treatment facilities on a cost-recovery basis.

3.The supply of water for irrigation based on a participatory approach and cost-recovery for operation and maintenance.

4.The protection of the water system from pollution, based on a polluter-pays principle and the restoration of water systems, in particular the ecologically valuable areas.


Pillars & Interventions of the National Water Resources Plan (NWRP)

1.Developing additional Water Resources

·Add more conventional and non-conventional wate rresources to the country's water budget

2.Better using existing Water Resources

·Raise water use efficiency

·Protect agricultural lands, improve soil fertility and productivity

·Improve water distribution system to enhance water delivery

·Improve water availability

3.Water Quality Management

·Prevent pollution of water resources

·reat polluted water resources

·Control pollution of water resources

4.Enabling Environment

·Improve planning capacity, financing, and cooperation in the water sector

·Reduce rate of population growth


NWRP ME Framework-  Final - English.pdf



NWRP-CP overall Goal

  • To contribute to socio-economic development of Egypt on the basis of national and regional planning of sustainable water resources uses


NWRP-CP Specific Objectives

  • The overall objective of the National Water Resources Plan Coordination Project (NWRP-CP) is to support MWRI and other governmental institutions involved in water resources planning in the operationalization and the implementation of the NWRP that was adopted in 2005.
  • Facilitating ccoordinated, efficient and timely implementation of the NWRP by MWRI and other partners involved in water resources planning.
  • Assisting various functional actors and implementing agencies involved in the implementation of NWRP 2017 at central and de-central level in order to facilitate the efficient and timely implementation of the NWRP.


NWRP-CP Purpose

  • Coordination among NWRP partner agencies is strengthened


NWRP- CP Project Components, Outputs, and Inter-relationships

The conceptual framework of the NWRP Coordination Project is built around identifying and creating coordination mechanisms for implementation of the plan, supporting and building up the capacity of the primary stakeholders and partner agencies in water resources planning and developing and reforming the institutional structures of the implementing agencies with the purpose of strengthening the coordination among the NWRP partner agencies.


The NWRP was developed in cooperation with 9 ministries of the Government of Egypt, namely the Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation (MWRI), the Ministry of Housing, Utilities and urban Development (MOHUUD), the Ministry of Agriculture and Land Reclamation (MALR), the Ministry of Industry and Foreign Trade (MoIFT), the Ministry of Environmental Affairs (MoEA), the Ministry of Finance (MoF), the Ministry of Local Development (MoLD), the Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation (MPIC), and the Ministry of Tourism (MoT).


A prime task for the project is therefore to ensure coordination among these ministries and to enhance planning capacity at the governorate level in the three pilot governorates, Qena, Fayoum, and Behira in line with the policy of decentralization to governorate level, as promoted by the Government of Egypt.


NWRP-CP Expected Main Results

  1. A receptive and supportive environment created for implementation of the NWRP created
  1. Co-ordination and decision making capacity strengthened
  1. Capacity of NWRP units and GWRP enhanced
  1. NWRP planning procedures improved in partner ministries and governorates
  1. Monitoring and impact evaluation in place


NWRP-CP log frame.pdf

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